3-Day Liver Detox

We will begin your program with a three-day juice fast to cleanse your system. It is best to do this when you are at home (i.e., long weekend, vacation) although, you can also begin on a weekend and extend it to Monday.

For this, you will need the following:

–  54 ounces or 2 quarts prune juice

–  9 ounces of extra virgin olive oil

–  3 gallons of organic, unpasteurized apple juice

–  3 gallons distilled water

Cleansing Steps:

Step One: Prune juice

16 oz. upon rising in the morning

Step Two: Olive Oil

One or two tablespoons three times a day

Step Three: Cleansing Juice and Water

8 oz. of fluid every 30 minutes, alternating 8 oz. of juice with 8 oz. of water. After 8 pm, drink only water every half-hour.


Before Juice Fast:

  • Eat only raw fruit and vegetables the evening before the fast.

During the Juice Fast:

  • Do not eat anything during the juice fast; if very hungry towards evening, can eat some celery. If using apple juice, can eat 1-2 apples. If using carrot juice, can eat carrots.
  • Chew each mouthful of juice by swishing it around in your mouth before you swallow. This will mix the juice with adequate saliva to aid digestion.
  • Regular elimination is very important; if you experience any constipation  during the cleanse, use more prune juice.
  • You may feel weak/ill during the fast; your body is using its energy to cleanse and eliminate toxins from your body. Rest as much as possible during these three days, taking 1-2 naps each day.
  • Perform some light aerobic exercise and stretching each day, which could include walking, jogging, biking, etc.
  • Get plenty of direct sunlight and fresh air during the three days.
  • Do not use deodorants, chemical soaps, etc. during the three days; they will inhibit the body cleansing.
  • Use a natural fiber, abrasive sponge to slough off dead skin cells and take a warm shower/bath each day.

After the fast:

  • Begin every day with a large glass of water mixed with the juice of ¼ lemon. Lemon juice has an exceptional ability to clean and flush the liver.
  • On the day after the fast, eat only fresh fruit for breakfast and lunch, adding a light raw vegetable salad for dinner. The next day, you can add more fruit and vegetables; try not to eat too much meat, as it is very hard to digest.
    • Adequate high quality protein is essential for proper liver function. The best complete proteins for proper liver function are obtained from brewer’s yeast; also rich in B-vitamins, which are vital for liver health – homemade raw cottage cheese, sprouted seeds and grains, and raw nuts, especially almonds. Sesame seed butter (Tahini) is especially beneficial in liver disorders because of its unusually high content of methionine, unsaturated oils, calcium and high quality proteins.
    • Do NOT overeat – eat small frequent meals. Overeating places undo burden on your liver.
    • Limit fats and oils for several weeks; avoid all saturated, hydrogenated & partially hydrogenated, or denatured fats.
    • Exclude all processed, canned and refined foods.
    • Eliminate salt from the diet.
    • Avoid aspirin.
    • Cook with vegetable oil and eat lots of garlic and onion.
    • Drink plenty of freshly made juices daily – at least 1-2 servings. Red beet juice made from tops and roots, lemon juice, papaya juice (specific for enlarged liver), grape juice; radish, black radish and dandelion juice can be added in small amounts to beet juice. Mix with carrot juice and green vegetable juices. Drink carrot juice and parsley tea whenever possible.
    • Try and eliminate red meat from the diet. White fish and/or chicken 1-2 times/week are okay.
    • Eliminate as many dairy products as possible. As a substitute for butter, try some fresh olive oil.
    • Do not eat any products made with sugar or white/bleached flour.
    • Avoid all drugs and alcohol – both are hepatotoxins. In addition, alcohol robs the liver of B-­vitamins, which further hinders repair and regeneration.
    • Take a fiber supplement every night before going to bed if needed for regular bowel function.
    • Use raw honey as sweetener.
  • After the cleanse – begin to eat vegetable juices, vegetables and fruit, preferably raw. Gradually add foods back into your diet (one at a time) and notice any reactions you have. You are looking specifically for any allergic type reactions, including headache, body-ache, runny nose, colds, rashes, etc. Write down any reactions and note which foods were eaten. Most common offending foods are wheat, corn, milk and other dairy products, beef, and nightshade family foods (tomato, potato, eggplants, peppers and tobacco).

Congratulations!!! You have just completed another major phase in your journey towards better health and vitality.