Food Hypersensitivities

Neurotransmitter imbalances can arise from a number of sources, such as those listed in the Migraine Triggers section. However, one of the most common and overlooked causes of neurotransmitter imbalance that can trigger a migraine are food allergies or food hypersensitivities.

If you have an allergic reaction to a food (or any other allergen) the immune system initiates a complex response that causes a number of significant biochemical changes in your body; this includes alterations in your neurotransmitter levels. Over time, these neurotransmitter fluctuations can lead to migraine headaches.

The immune reactions we are referring to are not the classic IgE mediated reactions some people have that can be life threatening, although these can create massive neurotransmitter imbalances. We are referring to hypersensitivities to foods that are often delayed and much less dramatic; in fact, most people don’t even realize they are experiencing them and/or them may attribute their mild reactions to something else (i.e., a runny nose, increased joint or muscle pain, headache, energy fluctuations, etc.). Although identifying and addressing a person’s food hypersensitivities is not necessary to begin seeing results, it is usually paramount to being able to wean off amino acid therapy over time. Therefore, for most people, we will address this possibility once you have achieved a resolution of your symptoms.

If you’d like to learn more about how certain foods may be causing or exacerbating your migraines or about food hypersensitivity testing click here.

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