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Our solution to eliminating migraine headaches is based on a simple concept – address the cause to find the solution.

If you were trying to solve a mystery, you wouldn’t purposefully go on a bunch of wild-goose-chases just to feel like you were doing something. In order to solve the mystery, you would look for the underlying cause. Once you found the cause, you would solve the mystery and have your solution.

We have found that neurotransmitter imbalances are the cause that triggers most people’s migraine headaches. The reason each person experiences these imbalances may be completely unique and the specific recommendations to address those imbalances are customized to each person, but the underlying cause is improper neurotransmitter function. If we optimize neurotransmitter function we address the cause and we have our solution. This means your headaches, as well as any other symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance, disappear.

The first and most important step in this process is optimizing neurotransmitter function using targeted amino acid therapy.

Jenna H

Migraine Free – “I can actually enjoy my life again!”

I came to the NPHC because I was having frequent migraine headaches that were interfering with my life physically, emotionally and spiritually and a good friend recommended that I see Dr. Chad because my MD wasn’t helping.

I was having migraines at least twice a week at a minimum and I had constant low-grade headaches that wouldn’t go away. Emotionally, this put me in a bad place and it also made school and just living in general much more difficult.

I have not had a migraine headache since I started following Dr. Chad’s recommendations (over 1 year). Although I still occasionally have mild headaches, they are nowhere near as bad as the ones I was getting last spring.

I no longer have to avoid situations that previously would be migraine-inducing such as crowds or fluorescent lights, and concentrating on school work and other things is much easier. Without the headaches I’m less crabby around my family and I feel like I can actually enjoy my life again. Thank you!

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