Everyone gets headaches, but people with migraines experience intense, treatment-resistant pain that follow certain patterns and may respond to specific environmental triggers. Take the questionnaire below to determine if the pain you feel is more than a simple headache.

Migraine Screening Questionnaire

  • Is your headache pain usually limited to one side of the head, pulsating or throbbing or accompanied by vomiting or sensitivity to light and sound?
  • Is the pain aggravated by routine movement and does it interfere with normal activity?
  • Do certain substances seem to trigger your pain? Some people with migraine report reactions to certain drinks (alcohol, coffee, and tea), food additives (MSG, nitrates) and specific foods (smoked fish, nuts, and pickled foods).
  • Do the stresses of everyday life appear to play a part? Sometimes missed meals, fatigue, changes in the weather or traveling to different altitudes can spark a migraine attack.
  • Does your headache pain fail to respond to the usual headache medications, such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen?
  • Have you ever been prescribed very specialized drugs to relieve your headache pain, such as Imitrex™ (sumatriptan), Zomig™ (zolmitriptan), Amerge™ (naratriptan) or Maxalt™ (rizatriptan)?

If you answer yes to at least two of these questions, you most likely are experiencing either a common or classic migraine (only your doctor can make a definitive diagnosis). Based on this questionnaire you may be an excellent candidate for our approach to address the cause of your pain to find the solution.

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