Lifestyle Changes

There are many lifestyle changes that can reduce and help you eliminate migraine headaches; here are some of the most useful.

Quit Smoking

No smoking sign, stop smoking to stop migrainesStop smoking! There are many therapies you can use to help you quit, but the most important is for YOU to make the decision to quit. All attempts to quit smoking will fail unless YOU have committed yourself whole-heartedly, 100% to quitting because YOU want to!

Once you make that decision, there are several things you can do to help the body rid itself of the toxins that make you want to smoke. One that has worked very well for many of our clients is the 3-Day Liver Detoxification. This will help your body eliminate the physiological need for nicotine and jump start you on the road to being smoke-free.

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Avoid Caffeine

Pop can, showing link of sugar and caffine to migrainesCaffeine causes the constriction of blood vessels and can initiate a migraine attack. Avoid foods and beverages that contain high levels of caffeine, including coffee,  cappuccino, espresso, soda/pop, chocolate, black tea, chia tea as well as medications high in caffeine, such as Excedrin and No-Doze or like medications designed to keep you awake. As most foods high in caffeine are actually drinks, try herbal teas (Good Earth Original Blend (caffeine free) as well as Bengal Spice (by Celestial Seasonings) are both hearty teas that can satisfy even the most devote coffee drinker), coffee substitutes (available at health food stores), or good old pure water as an effective (and healthy!) substitute.


female jogger, showing excersize helping end migrainesResearch shows that moderate exercise is often useful to reduce migraine attacks and may be the most important lifestyle change you can make. In fact, it is one of the only non-supplemental ways to improve neurotransmitter function. Research has shown that exercising 30 minutes 5 days per week can increase serotonin production up to 37%. In addition to helping reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches, this can also improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression and improve circulation.

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Practice Regular Stress Reduction

woman meditating, showing stress reduction helping end migrainesStress is one of the major causes of neurotransmitter imbalance and is a very common trigger for migraine headaches. Therefore, establishing a regular stress management routine can dramatically reduce the severity and intensity of migraines. Experiment with a variety of different stress reduction techniques until you find the right mix for you.

Here are several stress reduction ideas to get you started!

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