Determine Your Triggers

In addition to the specific tests mentioned here one of the most effective ways to determine your specific triggers is to keep a detailed daily journal. This doesn’t have to take you hours and hours to prepare, but it should include several important items, including:

  • Foods eaten (amounts generally aren’t necessary, but listing all ingredients may be)
  • Weather conditions (especially prior to a migraine)
  • Medication taken (when and how much)
  • If you have a headache, list other possible triggers that occurred prior to the beginning of the migraine (e.g., physical location, activity level, travel, sleep, etc.)
  • Symptoms, including a description and location of the pain and the treatment or therapies used and their effectiveness

If a daily journal doesn’t work for you, at least keep a journal on the days you have a migraine – some information is better than no information and it may just pinpoint your triggers so you can avoid or minimize them in the future!

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