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Anybody that has experienced a migraine knows woman with migraine headache, looking for natural remedy for migrainefirst-hand how devastatingly painful they can be. I have watched my wife suffer through many migraines and I have seen nothing else incapacitate her in such an absolute manner. It is horrible to watch; it is excruciating to experience.

During a migraine headache, blood vessels in the head go through a cycle of extreme constriction followed by rapid dilation. These blood vessels become inflamed due to nerve pathway changes and imbalances in brain chemistry (through chemicals called neurotransmitters).

The actual interaction between the brain chemistry and blood vessel dilation is still being understood, but it appears that alterations in the nerve pathways cause inflammation and dilation of the blood vessels, which signals the nerves to produce more chemicals that stimulate more inflammation and a viscous cycle starts. The end result of this cycle is the extreme pain, visual disturbances, fatigue, confusion, sensitivity (to light, sound and/or odors), tenderness and other symptoms resulting from a migraine headache.

Dorla S

Before coming to the NPHC, I could barely function because of the great amount of migraine headaches and prescribed medications I was on; I didn’t do much except try to stop the present headache. The medications I was on did very little to prevent the headaches; I had frequent migraines (4-6 in a month). October and April/May were always my worst months, and I could barely function the headaches were so bad. I also had high cholesterol, really bad allergies (to food and airborne allergens), suffered from diverticulitis and had a BM only every few days or so. In addition, I was overweight and wanted to lose about 15 lbs.

I started on a program at the NPHC in mid-December 2001. Within one month I was hardly having any headaches (I used to have about four every day!) and I was taking much less prescription and over-the-counter pain killers – I didn’t need them anymore! My heartburn had decreased dramatically and I lost three pounds. I used to drink Pepsi everyday – now it doesn’t even taste good anymore.

By March, I didn’t have any headaches at all! In fact, it’s now been over 6 months since I had ANY headaches (I have not had a migraine since January 26, 2002J!); I went through April and May with absolutely NO PROBLEMS. My allergies are improving significantly and I am able to get rid of the mucus in my head for the first time in years.  The problems with diverticulitis are GONE along with the heartburn I used to have, I have two BM ad day now (on my ownJ), now have not had one single colon flair up since I started with NPHC. My energy level has been more consistent throughout the day; I am sleeping through the night much better and waking up with much more energy and enthusiasm. I look forward to continuing to improve my health and my life – thank you so very much for all the guidance and support!

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