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Judy B

I came to the NPHC because I had a frequent gripping pain in my upper left side abdominal area that was unbearable at times. I also felt bloated all the time with cramping in my abdomen and diarrhea and wasn’t digesting food very well. I had low energy, frequent hot flashes (20-30 a day) and migraines/headaches weekly.

After following my program for  just three months, I no longer have ANY pain in my left side, I rarely have any bloating (unless I eat something I’m not supposed to), I have no diarrhea, my energy level is up and my digestion is getting better. I’ve only had ONE headache since starting, and that one wasn’t all that bad. And best of all, I have far fewer hot flashes (only 4-5/day) and the ones I do have are much less severe than before. This is wonderful – I am enjoying life again!


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